Tuesday, September 7, 2010


seriously my blog is getting molded.
but I don't have the mood writing anything right now.
so...... Let's let it mold a little more time bah!
yeah! :P

Tuesday, July 6, 2010



Sunday, July 4, 2010


Study break is finally came!
However this study break still can't consider as a holiday for us, cos we still have quite so much works to do. Doing our own design 'D-shirt', imagery second project (I'm quite confused of this module), and always arghhh stephen's work- essay essay essay! His assignments has struggled me for almost 3 sems. sigh.
But at the beginning of this break, something have made me so happy. What a nice start! haha.
Last night match, Germany 4-0 Argentina! I almost happy till faint! hahahahahahaha!
opps, sorry I forgot to tell u guys, I'm a 100% FIFA world cup fan! Till now, world cup has started for 3 weeks. I am only missed for 5 or 6 matches I think. Thanks to my another football fan classmate. I can watch without loneliness. haha.

By the way, this year world cup is really like 'drop my eyes out' that kind of situation. Most of the great teams are kicked out even in Round 32. wth. Really made me so sad in this three weeks. There are two teams that I support have lost in Last 16 and Last 8. They are France and Brazil.

France, you've brought us such so many great matches in 2006. Zidane, I still love you. You are always the most handsome and awesome football player in my heart. >.<
I have dropped a few tears when I saw your country lost themselves last week.
Brazil, it's just two days ago. How can you lose to Netherland! That is my first time I shouted so angrily and 'requestly' and cried so sadly in sayang. ever, ever and ever. I still can't understand why you can't make into final four.

But at least but not less, the last team that I support gave a AWESOME match last night! Finally made me still feel that there is still hope for this year.
GERMANY I LOVE YOU. I'M PROUD OF YOU. ( now people will doubt that izit I'm a German but not a Malaysian) So what? Wait our country can get into this event, I sure support them till the end too. (if they can make it) :x
Almost 90% of my friends and the people surrounding me support Argentina last night. In sayang, I felt so stressful when I walked in cos I can say only 10% supported Germany, and I even wore Germany jersey for last night match there. :P But my team dint disappoint me. WOOHOO!
Coming next, Germany vs Spain. Duh. Spain. I want to say, this morning the match with Paraguay, I really dunno what you were doing. Although I am not your fan, but you guys are quite below the level that you usually have. I even fall asleep for few minutes in the second half. But okay finally you gave a goal in the last 10 or 20 minutes. But you still dint impress me any in this game. I can see how sad was H this early morning. Almost looked like the situation that I had for the Brazil and Netherland match.
But this coming wednesday, I am still wearing my black gold jersey. :PPP

But, I still have to say, I'm not interested of the final match of this year. -.- what a weird final list ever in world cup. Izit the situation going to change? Can't imagine. duh.

kay. Have to start doing my fifa t-shirt. LOL. I'm really sick of it. No. Is fever. haha.

Btw, I'm going to have '2' for my life tomorrow!!!
omg. -.- This number for tenth digit really wake me up seriously. No more sweet 10th? NOWAY.


even guys smaller than me love me too recently.wtf. -.-
This few months not bad what my 桃花运. But ain't a good one. LOL

bye peeps. :P

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


There is a problem that have made me feeling uncomfortable for few months.
Recently it becomes worse.
My eyes are so 'emotional'. Sometimes cooperate with me, dint even feel tired looking at computer for few hours. But most of the time I see things totally blur.
I tried hardly to ignore it. Continue doing my work.
But now, I really crashed down. I lost.
My vision is blur at all times.
I can't look at the computer which is important to me and my works anymore.
How can I do my work?

Continue with my work then.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

fucking crazy

my god.
I dint know that study design still have to study so many history and do so many readings.
my brain is gonna explode.

just watched a MV of Marilyn Manson who Stephen always mentions in class.
He's fucking crazy.
Can fight with LadyGaga.
But he's so scary till my brain can't function well right now.
*pening kepala*

watch his song out as below: (I still dunno how to post video here)
Sweet Dream - Marilyn Manson

Thursday, May 27, 2010





Thursday, May 6, 2010


Saw the result,
some staying some leaving.
god, likes to play our life like this.
what to do.
just accept it
and move it on.

good luck to me, and to my forever coursemates.

Today 7th of May.
The last day in Miri for this holidays.
The last day I worked in Medianlabs.

I hate 'last' sometimes. But I do love it too when it happens on impact time.

I will miss you guys.
Hope I can work with you guys again if got chance.
You all are so nice. Have lots of fun in these two weeks.

So to my friends, keep on working hard on your studies.
Your future depends on you yourself.
How much you spend, how much you gain.
That's what I always believe.
That's no shortcut or even luck you can hope for.